The Most Precious Commodity

You could spend multiple lifetimes sifting through and storing all the knowledge humankind gathered since its existence, and you still wouldn't be answers a lot things.

Hey Chawki, do you know...
    how do we bypass this?
    how can I solve that issue? 
    how do we get the following?
    ... 🧐

I get these types of questions on a daily basis in my job and also from outside of the workspace. All these voices asking for answers, like restless ocean waves surging at me during my days and nights.

Most of the time I'm able to provide an answer right away. If not, I usually know where to look for the answer.

The reason why I get asked these types of questions is because of my innermost nature. I seek solutions. Unlike some that are just fine with what they know and where they stand, I will do whatever is necessary to find an answer. As Voltaire said:

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

My very nature makes it so that I can't just sit and avoid interrogation. I crave for these opportunities. Solving the seemingly unsolvable calamities. Righting the seemingly unrightable wrongs. The little voice in my head always tries to know more, and to challenge the status quo. I can ignore it, sure. But deep down it’s there, a type of yearning, like an addiction.

I will not always come back with satisfying answers. There are often limitations towards complex questions/problems. Nevertheless, in investigating the unknown, you'll always get something out of it, even if the answer gods ultimately show up empty handed.

Being curious and having a problem-solver mindset amplifies the surge of finding an answer. Be aware though, relentless problem solving can both be a gift and a curse. The more complex the unknown, the more uncertainty waves crashing against the shores of your mind, the more resources (time and money) thrown at it for solutions.

Even if you end up finding that there is no way to get any partial answer to the request (which almost never happens), that per se could and should be a satisfying answer to the question.

I offer an example of the latest, taken to its extreme: Does God exist?

You could spend multiple lifetimes sifting through and storing all the knowledge humankind gathered since its existence, and you still wouldn't be able to prove whether God exists or not. So, do we give up? Or do we keep exploring? Keep investigation? Keep sailing those seas of unknown?

I was (and still am) spending days and nights investigating professional, philosophical, spiritual, and existential interrogations.

Exploring is nice, it fulfils curiosity, and relieves an ever-emulating mind. But trying to get an answer at all costs is pathological.

Experience teaches us which fights to pick. Exploration can teach us which fights to avoid. So, start exploring. Then if you feel it will take you too long, or the problem is not so urgent, stop your research and settle. You already learnt something from it. That is my personal way of shutting my brain off.

Find a way to shut off your nagging little voices of endless unsolvables that’s suits you best – sport, meditation, art, leisure, exercise, relaxation, religion…

Time is the most precious commodity you have. Don’t let it be washed out to sea. Don't throw it away!

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