Happy Hollowed Day

While it has always been massively popular in the US, and it gained popularity in some European countries, Luxembourg celebrates Halloween...

People react surprised at how much I take Halloween seriously.

I’m the kind of dude who doesn’t care about Easter, Christmas or even my Birthday. But when it comes to Halloween, you better be prepared! 🎃

Those celebrating the above are often doing so out of family tradition. Religion, despite the historical association, has almost nothing to do anymore with those events.

I didn’t grow up in a traditional family; all these happy holidays aren’t something I’m used to. It is not natural to me to do something during these events.

If I decided to slowly do something for Christmas, it was more out of social pressure and fear of judgement. It still doesn’t feel natural to me to celebrate it. Thanks to the advertising industry, it has been so intimately integrated into our habits. With Coca-Cola playing a big role in the 30s into shaping our so-called Santa or with the billions of marketing spent from companies to emphasis, nurture and convey this “magical moment” that brings “family together.”

  • For those who celebrate Christmas because of the gifts they are receiving, I get it 🎁.

  • For those who celebrate Christmas for the “family moment,” I get it 👪.

  • For the few who still celebrate Christmas because of the religious observance, I get it 🙏🏽.

  • For those who don’t celebrate Halloween because it is a commercial event… I don’t get it 💰.

Halloween? Too commercial? Well so are all the other holidays throughout the year… 🤔

While it has always been massively popular in the US, and it gained popularity in some European countries, it has never really been a big thing in Luxembourg to celebrate Halloween. It is however a very ancient tradition, still little is known in popular culture as to what it really signifies. People think it is mostly for children.

When I was mentioning to my parents that I still disguise myself for Halloween, they were surprised. Despite my age, I still do kid stuff…

I do indeed. Especially when it comes to the green goblins giggling in the shadows and the wolf howling in the darkness. I like the gloomy and doomy atmosphere. For those who enjoy horror movies and spooky moments, Halloween is just the perfect time to be a character and role-play for one night. You can be anything 👻.

In Luxembourg, occasionally we have those “Horror night” thematic matinees in the cinema. Those are by far the best times I had going to the movies.

What is it exactly about Halloween for me?

Well, in a word: Immersion. Instead of wading in the shallow end of the pool, you get to jump in headfirst and dive deep. Let’s say for the movies that while you’re holding your breath and expecting the moment to become scary because of the specific music and the director’s plan, you get at the same time a real disguised ghoul popping up behind you.

Believe me, this ghoul knows his job too. He already saw the film several times. He comes prepared. The guy knows exactly when to leverage the momentum and suspense to pop the eyeballs and scare the guts out of you. The more screams he gets out of your mouth, the better he feels.

With this type of theatre, people may be so terrified that they won’t look away anymore. They keep track of the disguised person while trying to merely follow anything in the movie. It adds a layer of reality to make you freak out.

Isn’t this like Halloween? A dynamic, real as it gets horror show? Out and about in the streets with the goonies and ghosts and goblins? Walking around in 3D, not staring up at a 2D screen?

In any case, whether you exchange presents with your family around a fireplace, or scare the popcorn and cola out of your sister coming around the corner, enjoy the little moments in this time of uncertainty. Any events and occasions to go out and frolic or stay in and relax are good to take, you never know what will happen in the near future: COVID-19 - the comeback, Ukraine war repercussions, geopolitics, etc.

With that being said, I wish you a Happy (and immersed) Halloween my dear… 😱

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